July 27, 2017

PrivacyDuck vs DeleteMe from Abine

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PrivacyDuck vs. DeleteMe from Abine

Updated December 2017

Abine is a multi-faceted privacy-focused company based in Boston, MA. The company’s highlighted products, as advertised on their home page (https://www.abine.com/index.html), are not opt out services but rather another service called Blur - which offers masked emails, phones, and credit cards (see our video on these services here).

Abine’s only opt out service is called DeleteMe (https://www.abine.com/deleteme/landing.php), a product that removes “your public profile from leading data sites”. The service runs for one person for one or two years at $129/$209 and for two people at $229/$349. Unlike ReputationDefender, DeleteMe does list their sites out. They directly opt you out from 14 listed sites, with those efforts reflecting on 9 more listed sites for a total of 23 listed sites (they list 25 sites total - but two of those, toppeoplefinder.com and spock.com have been defunct for over a year). According to DeleteMe’s checkout page (https://www.abine.com/deleteme/cart/checkout) your first report will arrive in 7 days with follow-up every 90 days. It is unclear how many name variations, addresses, phone, and email records you may add to your account. A long-standing typo on the site’s only sentence on this topic reads, in full: “[sic]you can add as many addresses, names, emails [sic] and phone numbers relating to you into your account for DeleteMe to search for and remove”.

Below is an at-a-glance graph comparing all three of our services to Abine’s DeleteMe product:

PrivacyDuck vs DeleteMe from Abine

PrivacyDuck vs DeleteMe from Abine