December 19, 2017

PrivacyDuck vs (the Eastern European Privacy Company)

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Updated December 2017

OneRep is the newest of the data opt out / privacy companies, having come online in late 2015. It is also one of the most disturbing when it comes to the handling of your personal information and data. This reason is two-fold:

  1. 1) The company seems entirely operated and managed out of Belarus, a country in Eastern Europe. There is no verifiable operation and handling of your data, or business address, in The United States.
  2. 2) OneRep has already been caught red-handed displaying your Personally Identifiable Information (P.I.I.) on the Internet, and continues to do so via their sister site

Let’s examine both these problems.

OneRep and the Eastern European Connection, with No Evidence of State-Side Operations for Your Personal Data Management / Privacy

OneRep’s home page ( and ‘About Us’ Page ( both list a contact email and a New York-based (518) phone number. There is no other claim or statement to indicate the operation is actually done out of New York or another locale.

The same holds true for their CrunchBase company profile ( and LinkedIn company profile (; which must be searched for independently on Google.

The next best thing OneRep’s site has in verifying management / operational location is to scroll further-down the above-mentioned ‘About Us’ page on their site ( to the ‘OneRep team’ section to examine where their executive team resides, to give us a clue to operations.

The staff page shows seven pictures of young individuals with names of Eastern European descent, with brief descriptors (no direct links to LinkedIn or other presences are found), nor their location.

Let’s dig deeper using Google.

The listed CEO of on their site is Dzmitry Bukuyazau, with the single-line bio reading: “Dzmitry drives OneRep’s strategic vision and makes key decisions about the company.”

A search on Google for “Dzmitry Bukuyazau” brings up a Facebook profile ( for this individual in the Eastern European city of Minsk, Belarus. This lists him working for a general “IT Agency”. His LinkedIn account (, however, does identify him as a “Product Manager”, not CEO, at from July 2015 - Present. This also identifies him as solely living in the country of Belarus. There is no location given for his position at OneRep, and his bio on his job there only claims that OneRep “...helps individuals residing in the US...”.

The public Instagram profile of OneRep CEO Dzmitry Bukuyazau ( shows him living an active life in Belarus as recently as September 2017, with commentary in Russian.

Other key OneRep employees also seem to reside exclusively in Eastern Europe, such as listed Senior Developer Mikalai Shershan. This is both on his LinkedIn ( and his freelance software developer page (

Head of Customer Support Jane Karpovich ( and Customer Support Specialist Marina Oreshkina ( both find them as having attended Belarusian State University of Minsk, Belarus.

This is the best we could find about OneRep’s actual operational locations. Since no location is verifiably provided (and lengths seem to have gone through to hide the location), we had to go by their public senior staff list and then what those individuals openly post on public social media accounts.

In conclusion, we have every reason to believe OneRep is operated out of Eastern Europe. More information on the Country of Belarus may be found here:

OneRep and Their History with Your Data came upon the scene in late 2015 alongside their sister site (run by the same company)

From inception and ranked extremely high (first page level on Google) when someone searched for your personal information. They initially seemed to scrape from other existing sites, such as, as the presentations were nearly identical in the information displayed.

Any people search profiles containing your Personally Identifiable Information that were on were also mirrored identically on, down to the relatives’ names and address histories. Both sites offered the same immediate opt-out process. Both sites had the same generic contact and support structure. They were - and remain - the same company (even advocates this fact:

Things changed in early 2016 when began offering privacy removal services right alongside their own open displays of your personal information. At this point when you found yourself on OR, you would be provided with the option of opting-out your data on their site for free - but also be highly encouraged to pay them to remove it from a slew of other sites (and part of that payment was removing you from their own site,, as a benefit of their service). quit displaying your information in late 2017; we suspect this was a result of very aggressive pursuit of their contradictions on YouTube and elsewhere. They rely on for that now - which equally feeds into the same “bait and switch” scam. Bottom line: You shouldn’t be paying a company to remove your personal information when they were the ones displaying it in the first place.

Our video, filmed while browsing OneRep as recently as August 2017, documents how they displayed and sold your Personally Identifiable Information, and encouraged your upgrade to their paid services while putting you in danger at the same time. We actually made two videos documenting this over two years, once in August 2016 ( and in August 2017 (

These videos actively document how OneRep sold you on protection with one hand while putting you in direct danger with the other; this continues to be done out of Eastern Europe through With the above in mind, below is our direct at-a-glance comparison of OneRep vs PrivacyDuck’s Services, documented from their site as of December 2017, from

PrivacyDuck vs

PrivacyDuck vs