July 27, 2017

PrivacyDuck vs ReputationDefender

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PrivacyDuck vs. ReputationDefender

Updated December 2017

ReputationDefender is the relatively-new arm of parent company Reputation.com (which itself was originally named ReputationDefender from 2006 - 2011). Through 2016 all services were under the Reputation.com banner with three personal privacy products all designed to lead towards the company’s larger Online Reputation Management services. The products included MyPrivacy ($99, 10 sites), Executive Privacy ($1,000, 75+ sites, quarterly monitoring), and Executive Privacy Plus ($5,000, 75+ sites, monthly monitoring).

The MyPrivacy service was retired and replaced in 2015 with MyReputationDiscovery - a $99 service that used sentiment analysis to determine what was good / bad / neutral about you on the internet (little more than an analysis of Google Search results for your name and city). In 2017 MyReputationDiscovery was retired, and both the Executive Privacy services were moved to the ReputationDefender banner.

As of 2017 all of Reputation’s privacy products are sold exclusively under the ReputationDefender label.

ReputationDefender’s current lead-in product under their privacy category is PrivacyPRO (https://www.reputationdefender.com/privacy), ranging from $9.95 monthly to $99 for one year / $179 for two years. The emphasis of the service seems to be to “find out if top people-search sites are selling your personal information” (they are - that’s why you’re here). The benefits seem to speak more towards monitoring basic search results, though it does promise to “Have your personal information suppressed from people-search sites and data brokers” as the fourth bullet point. No list is available for this service, nor do they say nor imply how many of the 320+ sites (our count) online they actually go after. A click on the PrivacyPro Sales Page (https://me.reputationdefender.com/?&_ga=2.47408804.2063397735.1499219135-771525927.1499219135#/registration/offer/monthly) reveals logos for Spokeo, PeopleFinders, InstantCheckmate, and BeenVerified, slightly implying but not mentioning nor promising directly removing from those sites. ReputationDefender’s PrivacyPro product is the direct descendant of the former MyPrivacy and MyReputationDiscovery services of the last five years.

The current main, aggressive privacy services from ReputationDefender are found under both their “Personal” and “Business” banner. The current ReputationDefender Privacy services under the Personal banner include:

  • ExecutivePrivacy (50+ sites, quarterly reports, $1,000)
  • ExecutivePrivacy Plus (50+ sites, monthly reports, $5,000)
  • ExecutivePrivacy Premium (50+ sites, monthly reports, $10,000)

It’s important to note that all three levels of ReputationDefender’s sites promise “50+” sites, but no verifiable list, for every service level from $1k - $10k. Besides the reporting frequency, what is the difference in ReputationDefender’s own offerings? As seen on their landing page (https://www.reputationdefender.com/executive-privacy), ReputationDefender charges you those jumps based on:

  • Name Variations an Individual Needs Protected (Max is 8 at $10k)
  • Number of Addresses Protected (Max is 12 at $10k)
  • Number of Phones & Emails Protected (Max is 20 at $10k)

To quickly compare: PrivacyDuck protects unlimited name variations, addresses, phones, and emails for both you and one other individual on all of our privacy services, from our $499 Basic Privacy to our $1,499 VIP Privacy. And we also have a verifiable list of sites that you can check out at anytime, too.

ReputationDefender also has a third tier of privacy services under their “Business” banner. These services are labeled as “ExecutivePrivacy CS”, with the “CS” standing for “Cybersecurity”. Here are those offerings:

  • ExecutivePrivacy CS Plus (50+ sites, quarterly reports, $6,000)
  • ExecutivePrivacy CS Premium (50+ sites, monthly reports, $10,000)

The same number of sites are removed with ReputationDefender’s regular and CS Privacy programs - and no verifiable list is available for either service. The price jump between $6k - $10k on the CS Services seems to be only for quarterly vs monthly monitoring, as both services remove 8 name variations, 12 address variations, and 20 email / phone records. Again, no plan offers room for unlimited name variations or address / phone / email records.

What is the “CS” or Cybersecurity part of this service? It seems to be the business marketing angle - which, on their product service page (https://www.reputationdefender.com/executiveprivacy-cybersecurity) protects you from “social engineering” and “cyberstalking” scams by hiding your personally identifiable information such as your dob, address, and relatives’ names from people search sites. This is a marketing angle only - as this is exactly what a legitimate privacy service does anyway - there is no need for an increased price or a marketing angle implying their own other privacy services would somehow leave this basic information exposed. Important to note: ReputationDefender’s leading privacy / cybersecurity product still lists only “50+” sites, with no verifiable list, of the 320+ sites online (to see a full listing of sites online, scroll down the VIP Privacy list at https://www.privacyduck.com/services).

Below is an at-a-glance graph comparing all three of our services to each of ReputationDefender’s products, all veriable and documented in July 2017 from the links above.

PrivacyDuck vs PrivacyPRO from ReputationDefender

Side-By-Side Comparison of PrivacyDuck vs PrivacyPRO from ReputationDefender

PrivacyDuck vs ExecutivePrivacy from ReputationDefender

Side-By-Side PrivacyDuck vs ExecutivePrivacy from ReputationDefender

PrivacyDuck vs ExecutivePrivacy Plus from ReputationDefender

PrivacyDuck vs ExecutivePrivacy Plus from ReputationDefender

PrivacyDuck vs ExecutivePrivacy Premium from ReputationDefender

PrivacyDuck vs ExecutivePrivacy Premium from ReputationDefender

PrivacyDuck vs ExecutivePrivacy CS from ReputationDefender

PrivacyDuck vs ExecutivePrivacy CS Plus from ReputationDefender

PrivacyDuck vs ExecutivePrivacy CS Premium from ReputationDefender

PrivacyDuck vs ExecutivePrivacy CS Premium from ReputationDefender