July 27, 2017

PrivacyDuck vs SafeShepherd

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PrivacyDuck vs. SafeShepherd

Updated December 2017

SafeShepherd is a San Francisco-based privacy company founded in August 2011. According to their homepage SafeShepherd “pro-actively removes your personal information from the Internet and marketing databases”.

SafeShepherd appears - on the surface - to be the only other company besides PrivacyDuck exclusively focused on opt out / privacy work without leading into other products. A closer inspection reveals that while privacy is the focus of this company, SafeShepherd offers only one level of service. The bulk of their income seems to stem from their exclusive API services (https://www.safeshepherd.com/api/docs), which they contract with other privacy companies to share client info for the purposes of automated removal (which also never gets other cities or name variations). It is worth noting that this API was offered by SafeShepherd to PrivacyDuck in 2013, but we immediately declined the offer.

SafeShepherd’s home page, “How It Works” page (https://www.safeshepherd.com/how), and Sales Checkout Pages (https://www.safeshepherd.com/signup) do not list how many sites are covered, what sites are covered, how many name variations are covered, how many address records are covered, nor report frequency. The most information comes from an incredibly condescending Terms of Service Page (https://www.safeshepherd.com/tos) where you can read things such as “We’ll do a lot more for you if you’re a VIP” (which is discussed nowhere else on the site) and “Also, we would appreciate it if you don’t sue us”.

Below is an at-a-glance graph comparing all three of our services to SafeShepherd:

PrivacyDuck vs SafeShepherd

PrivacyDuck vs SafeShepherd