July 25, 2017

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Updated December 19, 2017

Q: Why Do You Divide the Sites Up on Your Paid Opt-Out Services By Starter, Basic, & VIP?

A: We choose which sites fall under which of our three services (Starter, Basic, & VIP) based largely on two things:

  1. How difficult they are to opt out
  2. How much time it takes to complete the process

There are over 167 sites on the internet showing your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as of December 2017, down from a high point of 323 sites in July 2017. Each of these sites has their own specific process for opting-out: there is no singular “grand master list” we can just erase an individual from; there is no magic switch. What does exist is this: a relatively new and aggressively prolific data industry benefitting from decades of data collection about YOU amongst several hundred companies and sites with very little Federal oversight and regulation (and none coming on the horizon).

What does this mean when it comes to our three levels of Privacy Services? Each data company/site is free to have their own opt-out process: they can make it however complicated or time-consuming they like, within very elastic boundaries. This ranges from instant or near-instant deletion with a check-of-a-box (most of our Starter Privacy sites) to several months’ of repeated mail-in requests and legal demands to obtain opt-out compliance (our VIP sites). But no matter the difficulty, our expertly-trained career privacy staff is on top of it to the fullest extent.

Q: Can I Mix-&-Match What Sites I Want Removed? Like Choose Some from Starter, Some from Basic, Some from VIP?

A: Unfortunately, no. The 167+ people search sites online are divided up into our Starter, Basic, and VIP Privacy Services based on the time / difficulty it takes to remove your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from these sites. We also divide these sites up based on who scrapes from who, so you can genuinely be off those sites at those service levels … and not be repopulated.

Q: Can I Purchase an Al-la-Carte Opt-Out from a Particular Site or Sites?

A: Unfortunately, no. If you’re concerned only about a particular site, however, feel free to check out our Free Resources section filled with how-to videos and guides. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll also need to remove your information from the sites that your particular targeted site scrapes from and advertises with. This often goes into a rabbit hole of 25-50+ sites; this is another reason we do not offer the singular option.

Q: I Don’t See A Site Offered on Your List. What Do I Do?

A: Send us an email at services@privacyduck.com and ask us about it! We’re constantly adding new sites to our services and coverage as they come online. If it’s not listed yet - we most likely haven’t seen it due to its newness or we’re verifying/investigating the effectiveness of removal procedures.

Q: Why Does Your Starter Privacy Service Only Offer Reporting for 6 Months?

A: PrivacyDuck’s serviced sites are divided up based on how much work they take to remove / how much time it takes to remove. The sites on our Starter Services usually - on average - only take a handful of weeks at most to remove from (many of them are instant, or within a couple days). We report to you directly for six months on the status of these sites in case there are multiple records (which may take longer), repopulations, and any tech errors which may bring us into that third month. Plus we always want to make sure you've received your money's worth. However, usually by month two you’re off all of the sites. We still watch for any repopulations for six months.

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