November 8, 2019

Join Basic Privacy from PrivacyDuck


Basic Privacy Service by PrivacyDuck ($499) removes you (plus one other in your household) from a set list of the 91 most popular people search sites and largest behind-the-scenes data companies. This includes many of the sites that display your information openly (not blocked by a paywall).

Basic Privacy is an essential service for those demanding to not have their personally-identifiable information readily accessible across the internet. Continual monitoring and submission of Google Dead Links is included. This service has existed since our founding in November 2013 and is currently on its ninth update as of November 2019.

You’ll receive a customized PDF-based Privacy Report in your email once a month detailing your progress site-by-site. Service lasts for one year.

Basic Privacy ($499)

Service Details:

  • Sources Covered: 91
  • People Covered: 2 (Additions Available)
  • Name Variations: Unlimited
  • Addresses, Phones, & Emails Covered: Unlimited
  • Time to Remove: 2-4 Weeks in Most Cases
  • First Report: Within 7-10 Days
  • Follow-Up Reporting: Monthly for 12 Months
  • Report Delivery: PDF Delivered Via Email (Paper Upgrade Available)
  • Renewal Terms: 50% off Same Service within 1 Year
  • Upgrade Terms: May Apply Cost to Larger Service within 1 Year
  • Service Last Updated: November 2019
  • Guarantee: PrivacyDuck enrollment includes a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you are not removed from at least 90% of the sites within 160 days of purchase. This does not include new addresses provided after service begins, and is valid for the service level purchased only.
  • Additional Notes: PrivacyDuck Discount Programs may apply to Basic Privacy; see our Discount Programs for more information and promo codes. Work on your service begins after registration; first report is delivered within 7-10 days of receiving Client Information to Remove. Sites may not be substituted. Service is non-transferable. PrivacyDuck does not store your card information; we do not automatically renewal. Additional individuals (3 or more) may be added to this service in increments of 2 for 75% of the original fee (option available at checkout). More Info and Full Site List…

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