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What Shows creates a separate, unique record for every location, name variation, and telephone number they have on file. Most individuals therefore will have multiple entries across each living location. Each entry usually has a full name, age, month and year of birth, full address, and phone number.

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Affected Sites Opt Out Also Affects:

  • No other sites / sources Opt Out Video Removal Details

Here's what you need to know:
  • Opt Out Difficulty Level (on a 1-5 score): 2
  • Opt Out Timeframe: 1-2 Days on Average Opt Out Requirements

What You’ll Need to Opt Out of

  • Email Address?: Yes
  • Requires Creating An Account?: No
  • Requires a Phone Number?: No
  • Requires Phone Confirmation: No
  • Requires Date of Birth Confirmation? No
  • Requires Uploading a Copy of Driver’s License/ID?: No
  • Requires a Mail-In Request with a Copy of Driver’s License/ID?: No
  • Other Limitations: Users may currently only hide five listings per request; multiple requests from same email address is okay. Opt Out Instructions

  1. 1. You can easily find your information - and quickly delete it - by going directly to the applicable URL for your information. This is much, much easier than doing manual searches on's homepage. Note that the URL must be put in your browser exactly as shown below. Do not capitalize anything but the first letter of the First and Last Name of the individual you're searching for. Not capitalizing these letters, or putting anything else in differently, will result in a misdirected URL.

    The URL naming convention is as follows:

    For example, if you're searching for John Anderson, the URL would be:

    If you a 'No Results Found' page - that's okay! Otherwise, it'll bring you to a results page.

  2. 2. On each individual rectangular listing, you must scroll through and find your matching results (there may be quite a few). Do not click on these. Rather, find the several-digit Record ID in the upper-tight corner of each rectangle. Write these numbers down for all applicable records.
  3. 3. Open a new browser tab and proceed directly to Scroll down to the very bottom and click on the 'Remove Information' link.
  4. 4. On this Removal Page, enter your First and Last Name and Email Address.
  5. 5. Enter each Record ID that you copied down in Step 2. Under 'Reason for Removal', write 'I do not want my personal information online' or some variant thereof. Click the 'Submit' button at the bottom.
  6. 6. This will bring you to a Confirmation Page.
  7. 7. Repeat Steps 3-5 if you have more Record IDs than would fit in the first submission; it's fine to use the same email address.