– Opt Out & Deletion Instructions from PrivacyDuck

What Shows often shows full name, age, full address, and partial or full phone numbers; partial email phone numbers may also sometimes be shown. Numerous records may exist for each location live. While often does have newer addresses / records, they're not so good about updating old records. To that end, be sure to check former names, maiden names, and previous cities to ensure a full wipe of your data from each site.

Paid Services Affecting

Affected Sites Opt Out Also Affects:

  • No other sites / sources Opt Out Video Removal Details

Here's what you need to know:
  • Opt Out Difficulty Level (on a 1-5 score): 3
  • Opt Out Timeframe: 4-5 Days on Average Opt Out Requirements

What You’ll Need to Opt Out of

  • Email Address?: Yes
  • Requires Creating An Account?: No
  • Requires a Phone Number?: No
  • Requires Phone Confirmation: No
  • Requires Date of Birth Confirmation? No
  • Requires Uploading a Copy of Driver’s License/ID?: No
  • Requires a Mail-In Request with a Copy of Driver’s License/ID?: No
  • Other Limitations: Multiple Profiles May Exist Opt Out Instructions

  1. 1. Proceed directly to
  2. 2. Search via First and Last Name, City, and State. Click the green 'Search' button.
  3. 3. This will take you to a lengthy 'searching...' page. Do not click on anything during this time.
  4. 4. Find your listing on the following results page. Do not click on this listing.
  5. 5. Open a new browser tab. Proceed directly to
  6. 6. Under a 'Reason for Removal', choose 'General Privacy Concerns'. Enter the information exactly as it appears on the violating listing. If there is not a full email or phone number, provide your current one (this will not become a part of future listings). Enter the CAPTCHA and click on the blue 'Remove Me' button.
  7. 7. Repeat Step 6 for each listing found.