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Opting out from might seem like a difficult process - but it's entirely possible and the process is 100% effective. WhitePages Premium came online in early 2016 as an accompaniment to the well-established More to the point, it's the only website owned by WhitePages, LLC that has a different removal process than their other sites (with all other sites, the normal Basic WhitePages Opt Out trickles down to all the other properties, except for this site). The main difference between the Basic and Premium listings is the existence of a pay wall. Your information is freely available on WhitePages Basic, whereas on Premium, only your name (and variations), age, current and prior cities, and relatives names are listed (your exact address and phone number are not, however, this may be purchased for a fee). WhitePages Premium listings often appear as numerous advertisements on the WhitePages Basic site, errantly leading some to believe they still have a Basic WhitePages listing, when in fact, it's only the Premium ad. Further, generic profiles will be created by the Premium's search engine whenever you type a name or a state in - even if there's no match on file. You can tell the difference between a true Premium profile about you and an empty, generic one this way: the real one will have age, multiple cities, and relatives listed; the fake one will only list the exact name and city/state you typed in.

Our Paid Services Affecting removal is handled via the following service tiers:

All services valid for you and one other at the same address

Affected Sites Opt Out Also Affects:

  • No other sites / sources Opt Out Video Removal Details

Here's what you need to know:
  • Opt Out Difficulty Level (on a 1-5 score): 4
  • Opt Out Timeframe: 2-3 Days on Average for Email Support for a Single Listing; 4-6 Weeks for Multiple Listings via US Mail Support Opt Out Requirements

What You’ll Need to Opt Out of

  • Email Address?: Yes
  • Requires Creating An Account?: No
  • Requires a Phone Number?: No
  • Requires Phone Confirmation: No
  • Requires Date of Birth Confirmation? Yes
  • Requires Uploading a Copy of Driver’s License/ID?: Yes
  • Requires a Mail-In Request with a Copy of Driver’s License/ID?: Yes if Done via Mail
  • Other Limitations: Multiple listings are not removed via the email method; mail-in only. Opt Out Instructions

  1. 1. Proceed directly to and search for yourself via First and Last Name and City and State. Hit enter.
  2. 2. The following page will be your results page. Do not click on any of these results, as that will take you to a generic sales page. Rather, locate your results on this page. You may have to scroll down.
  3. 3. Now that you found the listing, you want to record this for removal. Here's how to do it: First, take a screenshot of your listing on this page. On most PCs, this is done via the Ctrl + Print Screen button; on Macs this is done via Shift + Command + 3. If you only have one listing on WhitePages, you can opt out via email - so go ahead and keep this file on your computer. If you have more than one listing, you'll need to print this screen shot out on to paper so you can mail it in. Go ahead and collect all the screenshots / print outs of your records now in this step before moving on.
  4. 4. Next, you'll an edited copy of your state-issued ID or driver's license. You can either use a copy machine, a scanner, or take a picture with your smartphone and send it to your computer. Important: for your security, black out your driver's license number, signature, and picture. All other info - including name, address, and dob - must be showing. If you're emailing your removal request, you'll need to get an image of your edited license uploaded onto your computer. If you're mailing it in, print out the copy of your license.
  5. 5. Finally you'll need to download the Premium WhitePages Opt Out paper. Oddly enough, you do not need to fill out or sign this paper - it just must be submitted with your removal request. That form may be download here. If you're emailing your removal request, keep this as a digital file. If mailing your request, print this form out.
  6. 6. Gather together the digital (for emailing) or physical (for mailing) copies of your Premium Records, edited ID/License, and Opt Out Request Form. Send all of these documents together to Premium WhitePages via one of the following methods:
    1. Email (for Singular Records only): Compose an email to stating you are a victim of identity theft and request immediate removal. Attach all documents and send. You should be removed from Premium WhitePages in 3-4 days.
    2. Mail (for Multiple Records): Highlight all records that pertain to you on the printed out forms. Mail with an edited copy of your ID/license and the Opt Out letter to:

      Contact Data Suppression

      c/o Whitepages, Inc.

      1301 5th Ave #1600

      Seattle, WA 98101

      Records should be deleted within 4-6 weeks.