November 20, 2016


PrivacyDuck Service Referral Program

PrivacyDuck is proud to debut our Service Referral Program as of November 2016. Both clients and non-clients may refer friends, family, and associates to PrivacyDuck's paid professional services in exchange for referral fees.

A Simple, Direct, Efficient Referral Program

When a new PrivacyDuck client enrolls in one of our three paid services and informs us they were referred, we'll contact you directly to thank you for the referral and to let us know where to send your referral fee(s). You can refer unlimited amounts of people, and receive unlimited referral fees.

Here's how the referral structure breaks down:

  • Basic Privacy Service Price: $249 Your Referral Fee: $25
  • Premium Privacy Service Price: $499 Your Referral Fee: $50
  • VIP Privacy Service Price: $999 Your Referral Fee: $100

How Do I Get Started?

You can get started right away! No set-up is needed: you can let us know of the referral in one of two ways: 1) The new client may inform us they were referred by you, (and how to get ahold of you for payment if you're not a current client), or 2) You can email us at and let us know you sent a referral our way! After the first referral and setting you up for payment, we won't need to verify you again. The payments will automatically arrive; of course, feel free to reach out to us at any time!

Common Questions on Our Service Referral Program

Q: How and When Are Referral Payments Made?

A: Referral payments are made via money order and sent to the referrer by U.S. Mail. All money orders are cut no later than two weeks after payment is received from the referred client.

Q: Is there a limit to how many referrals I can make, or how much I can earn?

A: Nope, not at all! For example, if you refer three Basic Privacy clients to us at one time and they all become new Basic Privacy accounts, that's $25 per new account in referral fees, for a total of $75. If you refer five VIP Privacy - Legal or VIP Privacy - Stage & Craft to us, that's five new accounts times the $200 referral fee, for a total referral fee to you of $1,000.

Q: I don't want to reveal that I'm a client with PrivacyDuck, but I want to refer you. Is that possible?

A: Yes, completely! Just send us an email to and let us know that a client is coming to us. We'll make a note of it and confirm with you when the new client sign-up is complete and when you should be expecting payment.

Q: I'm not a client, but I want to refer people. Is this possible?

A: Yes, absolutely! The referral program is open to all, client or not.

Q: I want to refer a large amount of clients, or several clients on a regular basis. Is there a way to expedite the referral and payment process?

A: Of course! Regular referrers may be set up on an expedited or bulk process. Please email to get started.

Q: You service two people at the same address for each new account. Does that mean if I refer a husband and wife, for example, I get two referral fees?

A: No, there is only one referral fee per account. Each new account services 1-2 people at the same address. Referrers are paid via new account openings.

Q: If my referred client purchases extras, such as coverage for extra family members or paper reports, does my referral fee increase?

A: For the sake of simplicity, referral fees are only based on new account activations at each service level (Basic, Premium, VIP), and not service additions either at the time of purchase or later on in service.

Q: If my referred client purchases at a smaller service level then upgrades or renewals later on, do I get a second referral fee for the upgrade or renewal?

A: Unfortunately, no. The referral fee is only for new account activiation at the time of new account purchase at the chosen service level.

Q: If my referrals later on refer others, do I get a secondary referral fee?

A: Unfortunately no; the referral fees are only good for first-level referrals. However, your referred friend can always choose to share the money with you!

Q: Can I receive a referral fee for previous clients whom I've recommended to your company?

A: The PrivacyDuck Service Referral Program is only good for new accounts opened on or after November 19, 2016.