June 4, 2016


Privacy Advocates + Real Opt Out Solutions

We believe everyone has the right to privacy - even if you don't buy our services. With our paid services we use the established opt-out procedures of each website. As your personal privacy issue didn't appear overnight (it's the result of decades of collection from hundreds of companies), there is no magic wand to solve the problem overnight. Our staff does intense, time-consuming work on each client's privacy; work that can sometimes resemble a never-ending barrage of sites or a game of Whack-A-Mole. Nonetheless, privacy is achievable. Below we pull back the curtain and share exactly how we do what we do with each and every site.

Why do we do this? Because privacy invasion is wrong. You're not paying us for an insider solution - you're paying us to do the work and put in the time. If you'd like to go the DIY route - it's your privacy, and it'd be wrong to not tell you how to do the exact same thing. Use our resources and tactics, all tried and true, to delete yourself from the internet.