Spokeo.com – Opt Out & Deletion Instructions from PrivacyDuck

What Spokeo.com Shows

One of the more invasive people search sites, Spokeo.com ranks well in Google search rankings. Most individuals have multiple profiles on this site, so be sure to check all locations and name variations. Free information shown on the site usually includes full name, age, partial street address, city history, satellite map of current residence location, relatives' names, and - in many cases - work and education history. Radaris may also show records from their partner sites, such as Bizstanding.com.

Paid Services Affecting Spokeo.com

Affected Sites

Spokeo.com Opt Out Also Affects:

  • Trustoria.com
  • Centerex.com
  • PhoneOwner.com

Spokeo.com Opt Out Video

Spokeo.com Removal Details

Here's what you need to know:
  • Spokeo.com Opt Out Difficulty Level (on a 1-5 score): 4
  • Spokeo.com Opt Out Timeframe: Immediately; On Average

Spokeo.com Opt Out Requirements

What You’ll Need to Opt Out of Spokeo.com

  • Email Address?: Yes
  • Requires Creating An Account?: No
  • Requires a Phone Number?: No
  • Requires Phone Confirmation: No
  • Requires Date of Birth Confirmation? No
  • Requires Uploading a Copy of Driver’s License/ID?: No
  • Requires a Mail-In Request with a Copy of Driver’s License/ID?: No
  • Other Limitations: Users may only block out 5 addresses per email address/IP address before having to fresh both

Spokeo.com Opt Out Instructions

  1. 1. Proceed directly to Spokeo.com and search via First and Last Name and City and State. Click the green 'Search' button.
  2. 2. On the following results page, find your listing. Click on the listing.
  3. 3. This will be your profile page. Copy the URL of this page in you browser window.
  4. 4. Open a new browser tab and proceed directly to Spokeo.com/opt_out/new/. Paste the URL in the URL field and enter your email address. Enter the CAPTCHA and click the white 'Remove This Listing' button.
  5. 5. This will take you to a window notifying you that a confirmation email has been sent.
  6. 6. In a new browser tab, go to your email. Find the email from Spokeo.
  7. 7. Open this email and click the blue confirmation link.
  8. 8. This will bring you to a Confirmation Page that removal is in progress.
  9. 9. Repeat Steps 1-8 for each discovered listing.