November 8, 2019


Thank you for your PrivacyDuck order! Below are your next steps, providing us the Information to Remove. There is space on the form for two people, as all accounts cover you plus one other in your household (these are labeled as “Primary” and “Secondary” clients – both receive the same level of service). If you have any questions about the Form, please do not hesistate to contact us at via phone or text to (415) 320-1845 or send us an email at

There are only two items we need to begin your service in the most proficient manner possible:

1) Completion of the Information to Remove Form – This tells us what we’re looking for! We don’t need (or want you) to have to spend a long time filling this out – your current address, along with the one or two most recent cities, can usually give us the launch point we need to find and remove your other information on the web. This extra info we find will be included in your Initial Privacy Report, assembeled by our team and delivered to you within 48-72 hours. The Information to Remove Form is located at Your password for this form is: lakeprivacy

2) Please fill out and sign our Client Authorization Form – This details how we handle your data, what we do with it in the removal process, and gives us permission to act as you for the express and limited purposes of identitfying and removing your Personally Identifiable Information. The Form may be found here. The Form may be be submitted to us via: 1) uploading as an attachment in the Removal Form above, 2) scanned and sent via email to, 3) photographed with a smartphone and sent to 415-320-1845 as an SMS text. Due to security concerns, we are no longer accepting inbound US Mail as of July 2019.

We will begin working on your file the moment the Information to Remove Form online is completed. We’re excited to work with you, and encourage you to reach out with any questions. You can expect to receive your first Initial Privacy Report within 48-72 hours.